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Powerfactor Exhaust System

Powerfactor Exhaust System

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The ultimate freestyle exhaust system. Designed for flat water freestyle and
free ride, the PFP exhaust optimizes the power band of most modified jet ski
engines. The exhaust manifold bolts up to any Yamaha 701 exhaust bolt pattern.

The PowerFactor dry exhaust, is designed so nothing interferes with the engines
top end. This allows for any combination of top ends (Bore, Stroke, and
Exhaust Valves, etc). It also allows easy access to engine components. The
exhaust will fit most hulls, Yamaha SuperJet, Polaris Octane, XScream Hulls,
Lenzi Hulls, Rickter Hulls, and EME Hulls.

Chambers come in silver, no powder coating. If a customer would like their chamber painted black, a special request needs to be made and additional charges will apply.

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