Custom Builds

Building arm yanking, freestyle and freeride jetskis is why freestyle connection was created. We have over 15 years experience as a professional jetski rider and builder, who has learned from some of the best minds in the industry such as Hiro Ogino, Rick Roy, Wamilton, Lee Stone, and Brian Vergin. Our passion for perfection, is the reason why our clients trust us to build their dream freestyle ski

Build Your Own

Have a box of parts or a ski with good internals? Perhaps you want your ski completely rebuilt. We offer one of the most unique services in the industry. For years we have taken in customers skis as donors for a new hull build, built a new hull with spare parts, or even completely rebuilding an old ski. We will happily go through every detail of what you have. Please directly contact us with your situation so we can advise on pricing.


Built Turn Key Rise ICON SL & SL Freeride or Rickter Edge FR & FS

701 Package Starting At $23,399 With Trim!

This is a great package for someone getting into the sport of Freeride/Freestyle. If you’re looking to chase boats, hit big waves, go fast and carve some buoys this is your ski.

1200cc Flat Water Package

Freestyle requires big power, maximum hook up, and a light weight hull. If you attend our school you will find that going massive is easy with the right components. Our 1200cc in-house builds start at $35,399 assembled and finely tuned

1200cc Pro Competition Set up

With big power comes big responsibility… and price tag! Our competition 1200cc setup is not for beginners. With everything from hand made parts, race gas engines, and titanium parts these skis are meant to get you on the podium. We build pro TPE, BUN, and DASA packages. Our new turn key competition skis start at $49,000

Please reach out for more information and pricing