Personalized Training

One-on-one training provides personalized attention and immediate feedback, enabling riders to learn and progress at their own pace.

We tailor our approach to focus on your specific needs and skill development, leading to faster progression and results.

We offer training sessions catering to a wide range of experience levels, from complete beginners who have never ridden a stand-up jet ski to seasoned professionals aiming to enhance their freestyle riding skills. No matter where you are in your riding journey, we've got you covered.

Dont have a ski?

Not a problem! Our training package can include the use of one of our Yamaha Superjets, or a pro freestyle built Rickter XFS G2 or Revolver with 1200cc setup

Superjet $199 per day

Rickter XFS G2 $399 per day

Revolver $399 per day

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Freestyle Connection gets "The C Boys" inverted

    Amateur Freestyle 900cc

    Anthony Vitnell

    Freestyle connection built and delivered my first Freestyle ski to Texas during the pandemic and provided a weekend of coaching to help me transition from riding surf, to riding flatwater.

    By the end of that first weekend i was doing backflip combos and spins, progressing far beyond my expecations.

    Over the years i have completed multiple trainings with Freestyle Connection, helping me to progress, learn new tricks and most importantly helping me to correct my form and progress in the sport. Highly recommend you schedule your training so you can take your riding to the next level.

    Youngest Female to Backflip

    Anna Burk

    My family chose Freestyle Connection to train me to ride standup jet skis, and over the years we have conducted multiple training sessions to help me master the basics on a superjet, transition to a freestyle ski and become the youngest female athlete to successfully complete a backflip on a standup jetski.

    Amateur Freestyle 900cc

    Jack Dubois

    I first heard about Freestyle Connection on Instagram and saw that Chris offered trainings. My first summer riding freestyle I went through 2 different Facebook marketplace buys and neither hull fit me well. I contacted Chris to see if I could ride a couple different hulls and complete a training. I got to ride his ski school Rickter xfs and I instantly felt at

     I ended up purchasing the ski school boat as well as building a 900cc Rickter comp ski with Chris. The support I have received with training, tuning, and maintaining my boats has been exceptional. Getting on the right ski with the right training made me progress much faster in this sport. In my first year competing I was able to take 3rd in the 900cc world championship. This would not have been possible without Freestyle Connection. 

    Lets ride! Reach out and scheudle your training today.